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Your clients and prospects come to you for advice and solutions, and now you can confidently recommend a software partner that meets their needs–and yours.

Become part of Buildium’s Partner Program and start earning rewards, just by referring business to Buildium.

Am I Eligible?

Eligible Partners:

  • …have a proven portion of their business that caters to property management
  • …have existing/active customers in property management
  • …show commitment to collaborating and attempting to fulfill the requirements of the Partner Program

Perks of Being a Partner

  • Affiliation with one of the industry’s most client-friendly and widely recommended property management platforms
  • Ability to pass along unmatched discounts and offerings for your clients (which you get credit for providing!)
  • Access to resources, tools, and training to increase your Buildium expertise, increasing your ability to effectively advise your clients and prospective clients
  • Confidence that your referred leads are treated the way you would treat them–with a personal touch, consistent communication, and skilled advice based on the needs of their business.
  • Privileged access to co-marketing opportunities and first to know about Buildium news, features, and more.

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